Why choose us

Why choose us

Why choose us

Whether it's the very first time you've thought it about it or the hundredth, there are lots of young people in Wirral looking for loving carers just like you. We need to recruit more foster carers than ever before – do you have the heart?

In this section:

  • Why choose Wirral?
  • Transferring from another fostering agency
  • Find out more about fostering

Why Wirral?

Fostering for Wirral means looking after local children and working with a local service with direct access to a range of local professionals.

As well as the emotional rewards of providing a safe, local home for a child or young person, when you foster with us we’re here to support you every step of the way. This includes…

Financial support

As a Foster Carer you’re entitled to certain allowances to help you look after the children you care for. As well as a range of financial support packages, you will also be entitled to:

  • A Holiday grant, to help with the expense of taking your foster child on your family holiday
  • An initial clothing allowance of up to £200 per child to help buy suitable clothing for your foster child
  • Payments towards telephone line rental, as well as mileage allowance for taking children to school, contact, attending training, and specialist medical appointments
  • Expenses for school trips and activities that are a necessary part of the school curriculum
  • A birthday allowance for each foster child
  • A festival allowance, available in November

The backing of skilled, knowledgeable and friendly teams

As well as the ongoing support of our foster team, you will have the backing of two social workers, one for your foster child and a supervising social worker to support you. Each has their own responsibilities, but both are there when you need them.


There’s no end to the ‘essential kit’ a child may need – and it’s not cheap. So, as well as our financial support, we also provide starter equipment to help you care for a child, including bedroom furniture, car seats, prams, stair gates, cot, sterilizer, highchair and even bedding!

Peer Mentors

They’ve been there and done that! Peer Mentors are experienced foster carers, who can provide one-to-one practical advice and support for new carers. They have first-hand experience of all things fostering and will help and advise you in whatever way they can - paperwork, training or even just an ear to bend when you need to let off some steam, and all in confidence.

Tax relief

To make sure that carers are not unfairly taxed on the costs they have to meet through fostering, most foster carers are entitled to an income tax exemption up to a certain amount for their fostering. Find out more.

Training and development

If you are just starting out, we have plenty of training that will help you with the application process and even once you start fostering your learning doesn’t stop.  We want to give our foster carers every opportunity to grow and develop and so, offer a wide range of courses from basic first aid, internet safety and managing Behaviour to ADHD awareness, mindfulness and preparing young people for adult life – plus much more.

Support for children of foster carers

For most sons and daughters of foster carers, their relationships with fostered children is positive – they become friends and enjoy sharing their homes and themselves with children who need them. However sometimes there may be issues and this is where the ‘Kids for Caring Group’ becomes a vital soundboard.  The group is there to offer support and answer questions when biological children might not feel comfortable talking to their parents, plus there are social workers on-hand to discuss any problems or worries they might have.

Transferring from another fostering agency

Sometimes foster carers decide, for a number of reasons, to change from one fostering provider to another. If you’re looking for a change in agency and an excellent support service, come and join the Wirral fostering team.

You can move agencies even if you already have a child placed with you. The welfare and happiness of your current placements are our priority and we would ensure that their needs are taken into consideration before any move. In all cases and so as to minimise any disruption we will work closely with you and your agency to make the transfer process as quick and easy as possible.

We will be happy to discuss this process with you in more detail, or we can arrange for you to chat to one of our existing foster carers, call 0151 666 4510.

Although you are free to choose which agency you register with, you can only be registered with one agency at a time.

Find out more

We need foster carers to provide the stability and family support that a child or young person may need when they are unable to live with their parents or in the family home. There is no such thing as a typical fostering situation so a child could be any age from new-born to 18 years old, or we may need to find foster homes where brothers and sisters can stay together.

If you are considering fostering, we are always more than happy to talk things through with you, or we can arrange for you to chat to one of our existing foster carers. If you’d rather have a read around the subject first though, we have a number of resources that may answer those ‘what about/ what if’ questions.