Skills and Training


If you are just starting out, we have plenty of training that will help you with the application process and even once you start fostering your learning doesn’t stop.  We want to give our foster carers every opportunity to grow and develop and so, offer a wide range of courses from basic first aid, internet safety and managing Behaviour to ADHD awareness, mindfulness and preparing young people for adult life - plus much more.

We are very aware that fostering can be challenging at times and this is why we want to give you every opportunity to grow and develop. The foster carer training booklet provides information about the courses you are required to attend, as well as other types of training and workshops that will benefit you as a carer. You Book online using the foster carer booking form.

You can now also access various e-learning modules on the Wirral ULearn website so you can fit your personal development around family life.


Call our fostering team on 0151 666 4616 for an informal chat or email