Fostering Support

Ongoing support

Foster carers will have the ongoing support of a social worker; the child will also have their own social worker. By fostering with Wirral Council you are joining a team and will always have the support of the fostering team and other foster carers.

Peer mentor

You can receive guidance from experienced foster carers. These mentors are an important support option as they have first-hand experience of what fostering entails. They will help you to gain a greater understanding of your role and the day to day tasks involved.


Preparation training is provided during the application process and throughout your time as a foster carer. Carers will be able to access training courses that will develop their skills and ensure they are fully equipped to provide the best care for a child or young person placed with them.

Financial support

Foster carers receive pay based upon the needs of the child placed in their care. This will rise based upon experience and skills. You will receive a fostering allowance for each child, which covers the daily costs of caring for that child.

Help with getting necessary furniture is also available. 

Support for children of foster carers

We have a support network for children of foster carers who can chat about what it is like to be part of a foster family.


Call our fostering team on 0151 666 4616 for an informal chat or email


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Financial Support

Skills and Training