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Fostering is more than just a job – it’s a vocation. That is why providing the right training and support for you, our foster carers, is so important to us.

In this section:

  • The Foster Carer Handbook
  • Payment guide
  • Training opportunities
  • Tax information
  • Foster carer resources

Foster carers' handbook

The Foster Carer Handbook has been created for new and existing foster carers and is designed to guide you throughout your fostering career, providing clear information to support you in achieving the best possible outcomes for our children and young people

Payment guide

The financial cost of looking after fostered children is recognised in the form of an allowance paid. Fees are determined by expertise, training and experience. Our Foster Carers Payment Guide details the payments and allowances you may be entitled to as a foster carer.


We are very aware that fostering can be challenging at times and this is why we want to give you every opportunity to grow and develop. The foster carer training booklet provides information about the courses you are required to attend, as well as other types of training and workshops that will benefit you as a carer. You Book online using the foster carer booking form.

You can now also access various e-learning modules on the Wirral ULearn website so you can fit your personal development around family life.

Tax information

The HMRC will treat you as being self-employed for the ‘work’ you do as a Foster Carer; therefore you would need to register with HMRC. Once registered a self-assessment form will need to be completed at the end of each financial year.

Since April 2003 the tax system for foster carers is called Foster Care Relief. Under this system you are exempt from paying tax on your fostering allowance, up to set limit.

The HMRC has a really good e-learning package which will help you with all your ‘need to knows’. It’s also a good idea to follow HMRC on Twitter to make sure you’re kept up to date with what’s going on.

Additional resources

The following forms are available to download and/ or complete online: