Already a foster carer?

Already a foster carer? 

Transferring from another fostering agency?

Sometimes foster carers decide, for a number of reasons, to change from one fostering provider to another. If you’re looking for a change in agency and an excellent support service, come and join the Wirral fostering team.

You can move agencies even if you already have a child placed with you. The welfare and happiness of your current placements are our priority and we would ensure that their needs are taken into consideration before any move. In all cases and so as to minimise any disruption we will work closely with you and your agency to make the transfer process as quick and easy as possible.

We will be happy to discuss this process with you in more detail, or we can arrange for you to chat to one of our existing foster carers, call 0151 666 4616.

Although you are free to choose which agency you register with, you can only be registered with one agency at a time.


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